A panoramic view of Sagami Sea and Nishikigaura

Expect new ideas and concepts at a resort meeting held in a fresh and new environment.
It is also an effective place to deepen relationships in a relaxed mood when business is over.
Other than various social gatherings, the space can also be used for corporate events and other purposes.


Salon de Kinrin

The panoramic view of the ocean and townscape is one of the unique joys of events held at the Hotel New Akao. An elegant venue with a maximum capacity of 300 guests. Take in Atami’s night view after sunset.

Royal Lounge

Hold a special event in this observation lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows and a 180-degree view of the expansive Sagami Sea. A perfect venue for parties and after-parties, it is also recommended for resort meetings in an open and liberating atmosphere.

Western-style hall

This open and spacious venue with plenty of natural light can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the layout.

Japanese-style grand hall

This is a banquet hall in pure Japanese style with a harmonious atmosphere.